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Welcome to MY IT DEPARMENT - your portal to new technology advances and services designed for schools.

MY IT DEPARTMENT is a customized support package created to meet the IT needs of your school. Whether you are looking for PC Management, Server Management or both, our tiered and flat package approach offers the flexibility; affordability and reliability your school needs to stay competitive and successful.

OUR MISSION: We believe schools IT Infrastructure should be a learning center not a cost center. We believe technology promotes:

  1. Problem-Solving skills through instructional software designed to teach problem solving including open ended exploratory software.
  2. Stimulates Self-Esteem by using technology to engage students in classroom activities.
  3. Promotes Equity by providing all students with the tools and resources that will equip them to compete in today’s market place.

If you are tired of computer problems, network problems and your existing staff could use more help but you do not have the budget for another employee, then you should consider outsourcing. Let us help you! Our consultants can manage your IT needs so you can focus on what you do best, running your school.

Internet Safety

Today's schools make Internet safety a top priority. Use Web Content Filtering Categories to make access to online learning tools easier, while blocking unsafe and inappropriate Websites altogether.

What IT Outsource Consulting’s Tiered or Flat Rate Structures Can Do for You?

We have proven that by proactively managing your network costs less than reacting to problems after they occur.

Our Staff

Our information technology consultants have many years of experience in support of school based networks. Our skills cover all Windows, network and server support, as well as managed desktops. We have special expertise in technologies such as Microsoft Exchange, security and business continuity planning. We can act as a virtual CIO, provide end user support or augment your in-house IT capabilities.

Background Checks

All of our consultants have passed state Security background check.

For a complimentary consultation Call Cindy DeClark at 703-644-5593

Contact Us At: 301-515-5212


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