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PCs for Kids

IT Outsource Consulting believes strongly in giving back to the community. Our children's education will determine where our country goes in the future. We have a recycling/donation program to help our local community and our clients.     Federal Law prohibits businesses from discarding computers and monitors in the trash. Montgomery County also requires businesses to recycle computers and monitors. Old monitors and computers contain hazardous contaminants. The average computer monitor contains more than five pounds of lead. Computers can also contain mercury and cadmium.

What is done with your donated equipment?  If the PC is working, the hard drive will be erased of all data and then donated to a family with school aged children who otherwise could not afford to purchase a computer. We also donate to non-profit groups that help low income families. All computers that are not in working order will be recycled in accordance with Federal and Montgomery County law.

We accept the following: Please contact us: donation@it-outsource.info

Contact Us At: 301-515-5212


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